They say the best way to know yourself is to see yourself through another’s eyes
But I have never been able to get that close to anyone.
So, it up to me to draw a portrait of myself
Even though I neither own a stroke nor a pencil

I looked in the mirror to try and draw myself
But, all I could see were shadows
An unimpressive collage of broken dreams,
Naive aspirations and gradual disillusioning,
The desperate choices and angst of one
Who is yet to find the reason for her existence,
The eyes that stare but see nothing,
Ears that hear without understanding,
Limbs that reach out but never manage to grasp,
And a heart filled with jumbled thoughts which
Can never be articulated or comprehended.

So many suns have risen and set,
Yet, this portrait remains unfinished
Who am I?
Will this portrait ever be completed ?

The wind is blowing the trees
Even the dove has lost its peace
As its perch has become precarious
And its nest? Gone with the wind!
But the water remains placid and peaceful
You may say the star is nothing,
But to me, the star shines
Don’t imprison your tears, let them be free
For, they won’t go out without your permission
Life is short and fleeting
And fleeting……and fleeting once again
Once the sun rises, it must go down.

I want to know……
Will this portrait ever be completed?

To complete this portrait,
You only need to cross one mountain……

Your fear.

You must fight, but only with yourself
To recover your identity and
Overcome this preposterous fate.

Published by Keyscribes

I'm a lover of words in all forms

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