Hi everyone, welcome to my site. My name is Key and I hope you like my content.

On this site, contemporary issues will be discussed especially in relation young adults

This is such a difficult and ambiguous phase in life as one is neither a child nor a full grown adult. You are on the threshold; neither here nor there.

I think young adulthood starts from 18 years and ends somewhere in your early 20’s. Most people in this age group are either in college or tackling their first job. Some might learn a vocation instead of attending higher institution.

As children we all looked forward to becoming adults and earning our own money, having no restrictions as to how or when we do our things and so on. As a young adult, one is on the verge of attaining adulthood and all it’s “perks” but reality is finally dawning on us that life is not as easy as we thought but there is no going back we must find our way forward.

In essence, young adulthood is that phase where one is filled with so many insecurities, complexes and fears about life, money, employment, relationships, friendships and so on

So these 👆 and many other contemporary issues affecting young adults are likely to come up on this platform.

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