Death, at any time and in any way is always painful; to the deceased and those left behind. What’s even more painful is when that death is not necessary at all. We all know that the socio-economic climate is not so good, resulting in so many losses and thwarted desires. And the result? So manyContinue reading “SUICIDE; THE NEW MESSIAH?”


It has a thousand approachesYet, remains unapproachableSome say life is all about givingSome say life is all about takingSome say life is all about enjoyingSome say life is all about enduringIt is an eternal problem, that remains unsolved You may think you have seen and heard it allHence, you have all the answersBut when lifeContinue reading “THAT THING CALLED LIFE”


What a sweet torture!They say; the future belongs to thoseWho believe in the beauty of their dreamsWhy didn’t anybody tell us thatNot all dreams come trueThese dreams aren’t what youSee when you sleepThey are things that keepYou from sleepingThey make your heart flutter Dreams come at a heavy cost when pursuedThey always seem just outContinue reading “THE QUITE VIOLENCE OF DREAMS”


It’s like looking in from outsideBeing alone even within a crowdNever being able to escape my own little corner of the worldNever truly belonging or have anyone belong to meIt’s just like there is a remote place within me which no one can ever touch I love being this way most of the time, butContinue reading “MY LIFE AS AN INTROVERT”

To the question of your life…

“I’m disappointed in you.” “You’re so dumb” or “You have a deficient I.Q.” Upon hearing such words directed at them, an average person will be filled with deep emotions and hot retorts/denials which they might either let out or choose to hold in In this kind of situation, I think the first thing to doContinue reading “To the question of your life…”

A trip down memory lane

A wander lonely in my thoughts like a lost child Staring intently at the horizon and waiting impatiently for the future to arrive Suddenly, the future is here but, it’s not as rosy as it seemed Where has time gone? I’d like a reversal Gone are the rose-tinted glasses replaced with disillusionment The once suppleContinue reading “A trip down memory lane”

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