Death, at any time and in any way is always painful; to the deceased and those left behind. What’s even more painful is when that death is not necessary at all. We all know that the socio-economic climate is not so good, resulting in so many losses and thwarted desires. And the result? So many people committing suicide with the majority being young adults. So many young adults with their lives seemingly ahead of them have decided to end it all in a moment of anguish. Life is hard, no doubt about that but, is committing suicide really the way? if we all choose to give up when the going gets tough, then I don’t think there would be any one alive at this point. Believe, it or not, human experiences are universal; everyone, no matter how glossy their life seems on the surface have one or two problems of their own.

So many people have walked this path but has any one ever wondered what their thoughts were in those last moments when death became inevitable? Were they happy to leave the world behind or did they regret their choice?.
It’s good to have dreams and expectations and make plans to attain them but we should also remember that plans change and be ready to go with the flow whenever it seems neccesary instead of holding on tightly and swimming against the tide. As we grow older and become more worldly, we learn a and unlearn things, like and unlike certain situations and so on.

I know the heart is selfish as it wants what it wants as at when it wants it but, the fact remains that unplanned situations or thwarted plans don’t necessarily spell doom. Sometimes, we just don’t know what is best for us and the universe takes over and steers us in the right direction. Meanwhile, we are too immersed in our thwarted desires to see the positive side.

All of these problems and trials are growing pains, a process we all go through to become well-rounded and responsible individuals in the society. Just like pottery goes through fire to become beautiful and strong, we also go through these trials to become a better version of ourself.

The truth is, we can’t predict our reaction to certain situations. Going by the most difficult moments in my life when I thought the dark phase will never end and I will always be sad, I discover just how wrong I was because when I think about those moments in retrospect, they never seem all that important or dark anymore. That’s life! It may sound cliche, but, time really lessens the pain. People make this extreme choice due to depression and sadness. They retreat into their shell instead of reaching out to people who can help. Please, reach out, let people know what you’re going through. Sometimes, help come from the most unlikely places. Work hard at tackling your problems and don’t forget to pray.

Also, remember that failure is not the opposite of success, it is a part of it. You have to experience failure and struggles to appreciate success all the more when it comes your way.
Think of that beautiful body of yours as the first gift you received from The Almighty and your parents, cherish it and say no to suicide. Suicide helps no one , it only makes an untenable situation even more complicated. If not for yourself, then, think about those you are leaving behind; those that depend on you, those you depend on and the void your absence will leave in their hearts. Only the luckiest families/marriages survive the death of a child intact. Finally, think of life after death. It isn’t over after all, there is another phase.

Our struggles are stepping stones to sucess. Do not let anyone romanticize suicide to you; it is not, and will never be a messiah. It is a thief that steals your life and dreams.

In all of these darkness, I hope we all find that little spark of hope that gives us the zeal and energy to move on and look forward to brighter days.

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