What a sweet torture!
They say; the future belongs to those
Who believe in the beauty of their dreams
Why didn’t anybody tell us that
Not all dreams come true
These dreams aren’t what you
See when you sleep
They are things that keep
You from sleeping
They make your heart flutter

Dreams come at a heavy cost when pursued
They always seem just out of reach
Even when you have them in your arms
You feel that they are too costly
They seem to only look good when they are just that
But reality never lives up to your dreams

I yearn to fly
But, the cold hands of fear grips my heart
I’m at crossroads
Should I abandon my humble nest and soar?
Or cut my wings and stay?
I took the easy route and
Suddenly, my dreams became a bird
And flew away from me

I was barely awake when they left
I could never imagine how empty
I’d be without them
Your presence was bitter sweet but
Your absence is downright bitter
How do I clear the ashes of the fire you stoked within me?
I wandered aimlessly, I’m lost without you
Why don’t you become my ally
Open your arms wide and welcome me
Because, when I’m in your arms,
My joy runs deep like the ocean
Let me be like a child in her mother’s arms
Without worries of what tomorrow holds

I want it all; the sleepless nights, the flutters,
The anxieties and everything in between
So, come back to me
Let’s go up the hill and thread
The path of the brightest stars
If ever I find myself at crossroads again
I will keep going.
Never let your fears paralyze you or let over analysis lead you into making a wrong choice. Chase you dreams.


Published by Keyscribes

I'm a lover of words in all forms

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